Sell Gold Quickly At A Profit

How to sell your gold?

There is only one thing good that happens when the economy goes bad: your gold appreciates or even triples in value. Over the last few years, the recession and depression in the world market directly resulted in a 70% hike in current gold rates. The current price has stabilized but rates for gold of any kind have reached a value which makes it hugely attractive for investors. This value is applicable on the home front too. If you have gold jewelry, bars or coins that were handed down to you as hereditary trinkets, this is the time to sell gold for its highest value. Here is how you can do it right.

Find a base value from a reliable dealer
Gold rates tend to vary day to day. You can start by taking your gold jewelry or gold-based items to your local jewelry store to check its purity and the value of the gold. Authentic and licensed jewelers will usually not purchase your gold but they will take it exchange for other items that you buy from them. They will also estimate the current price for your item and then tell you about the purity of the gold too. You can use this as a baseline to find out and compare the prices of other dealers. One of the best ways to find the current gold value is by checking with reliable websites like where to you can send in your gold items. The company provides a registered FEDEX coupon by which you can mail your gold in and the company instantly provides a quote for the item. You can refuse the offer and the gold will be mailed back to you immediately at no extra charge.

Check with an antiquities dealer
There are a huge range of gold products which also come into the antiquities range. That means you might have Victorian-Era gold rings which are clunky and large and make of 12K gold. The gold itself has very little value here but Victorian Era jewelry is very valuable. An antiquities dealer will be able to put an accurate price on your jewelry item. The same applies for heirloom collectibles in the form of coins, statues, pins etc which contain 12K or 10K gold but do have a collectors value on them.

Stones and scrap?
It does not matter if you paid 20,000 for that diamond engagement ring as the stone itself is excluded from the value of the ring. Most jewelers will only pay for the gold and they can easily get authenticated diamonds from a diamond wholesaler. Unfortunately, diamond jewelry has no resale value unless you sell it back to the original seller.  Tiny bits and pieces of scrap gold can be sold too. Dental fillings, gold teeth and crowns usually contain about 16K gold. These pieces can be melted down with scrap to make pure gold. Most dental restorations will also contain platinum which is much more valuable than gold thus raising the price of the item.

There are many more factors that come into play when you are trying to sell gold. Rest assured though that a good gold dealer will be able to give you a good price on your items.

Selling Old Jewelry Can Be Easy And Profitable

Whether you need money for bills, entertainment, or for a special occasion, you may be thinking about selling old jewelry.  Choosing the right company is the way to make your transactions easy and profitable.  When there are no delays, excuses, or hassles, selling gold jewelry can be an enjoyable experience.

One reason our company is the best choice is you will receive the best cash payment for your jewelry.  Other companies often make promises that they do not keep.  They may say they offer the highest payments, but many customers who have dealt with them know this is not true.  Only our company keeps its promise of paying you what your gold is worth, without any excuses.

Our company has simplified the process of selling old jewelry.  First, you will be delighted to see how easy it is to send your jewelry to us.  Between an easy method of mailing and being able to track your gold, you will have no worries about it arriving securely.  Second, we will let you know when we receive your jewelry.  You will not need to spend time making long-distance calls or emailing to ask if it has arrived.  An email from us will inform you that we have received it.

If getting paid is the part you are looking forward to the most, you will definitely be pleased.  While other companies mail checks whenever it is convenient for them, we focus on your convenience instead.  You can receive your cash by wire transfer, within twenty-four hours.  There is no faster way to receive cash for your gold.

You may be one of the many customers who wants to sell something other than gold.  Our company also buys platinum jewelry, gold coins, and similar products.  The condition of your piece is not relevant.  As it will be purchased for its metal content, even broken and very old jewelry will be accepted.  Your jewelry box, closets, and even your attic many contain many pieces you can sell for cash.  If you do not want it anymore, selling it is the sensible option.

Whether you have had a bad experience with other companies in the past, or have never sold any gold before, make a point of choosing the company that cares about its customers.  You do not have to go through the worry of losing jewelry in the mail, wondering how long you must wait for a check to arrive, or receiving much less than your gold is worth.  Instead, you can work with the best company that exists today.  We know that fair, honest dealings with customers is the way to keep customers happy.

Choose the pieces of jewelry you would like to sell, and prepare for a good experience.  As soon as you have the cash in your hand, you will be glad you made the right choice.  With our no-risk guarantee of customer satisfaction, there is no reason to hesitate.  You may soon be recommending our company to all of your friends.

Tips On How To Sell Old Jewelry

Many people would like to know how to sell old jewelry. If you have some pieces of jewelry you have had for a long time, which you no longer need, you will be interested to know that there are ways of earning some cash from them. There is no need to keep a boxful of trinkets you do not need while there are people who can give you cash for them. Finding the right jeweler will rid of the clutter in your room and earn you some money in the process.

Before selling your trinkets, ensure that they are genuine items. You should not walk around pawnshops trying to sell common metal as gold, for example. If you had never authenticated your valuables, you should think about doing it before the sale. You should only use reputable companies that will give you top dollar for your valuables.

Look for a jeweler who will pay you promptly. Some local companies have been known to hold onto jewels with the hope of settling the accounts after selling the pieces. However, this is not good from a customer’s point of view. Once your pieces have been validated as genuine, you should get your money within a day or so.

Some jewelers are also known to have long and complicated bureaucracy for customers. When you deal with them, they will send you pages of information to fill, and you will only receive this kit several days after contacting them. Selling a piece of jewelry should not be that complicated, you should be able to sell your belongings just by filing out a simple form, or something like that.

If it is gold you are selling, you should be very careful on how its quality is determined. Chances are high that you are a novice on the issue, and you do not know all the processes involved in determining gold quality. Some jewelers might try to take advantage of your ignorance and swindle you. Thus, you should look for a company that is transparent on its method of gold analysis.

If you are not taking your gold to the jeweler in person, you should get a guarantee from the shop that your piece will be returned in case you are not happy with the offer. You are the one selling the items, and there should be no risk to your participation in the sale. In fact, you should not be charged even a single cent for rejecting an offer.

All these are considerations on how to sell old jewelry are things you can get from experienced dealers. If you are dealing with a newbie in the business, chances are high that by the time you conclude the sale, you will be frustrated and unhappy. However, an experienced company will even respect your privacy and will not divulge your personal details to third parties unconnected with the sale. If your piece is an antique, you should have it appraised first. That way, you can get more money from the sale than the exact value of the precious metal in it.

Ways On How To Sell Old Jewelries

While you are in a financial crisis situation, you are most likely to decide on your jewelry collection in order to generate quick cash. However, it can be a challenge if you do not have any idea as to where and how to sell old jewelry. In order for you to become successful into this venture, there are some factors that you need to put into consideration.

Try to use the Internet in researching some essential information on how to sell old jewelry. The only thing here that you need to keep in mind is to carefully discern which information is true and unhelpful in making decision. Remember that not all information online is accurate. There is much information that can actually mislead that you do what is not right.

When you are given with the right knowledge, it will surely be easier for you to find and purchase a better understanding on the choices you have got when you decide to sell your old jewelries for a considerable amount of money. Nowadays, there are actually many options and potential places where you can sell the jewelries and command a good price.

Sorting out the pieces that you want to sell is very important. Those old broken ones should be set in a reasonable price so that you can easily attract potential buyers. Beautiful pieces of high value particularly those with precious stones can be sent to a jeweler to estimate the value of the piece. This is very helpful in deciding to sell pieces of jewelries because you can get a fair price even after bargaining while using the person who will buy it.

There are so many places to set off your old jewelries. Pawnshops are probably the most common and convenient places to exchange old jewelries for a fair price. There are many local pawnshops that offer different prices for one item, so it is imperative that you should know them first carefully and compare which among them offers the best possible price and quality of service. You can just ask some locals or better a trusted jewelry seller who knows everything about the best pawnshop in the area.

Another option that could meet your needs is to try online selling. There are various online companies nowadays that provide services for buying and selling jewelries. They usually offer greater rates than pawnshops. However, you still need to check first the background information of these companies to know if they are legitimate and reputable. One good thing about these companies is that they are very convenient to work with as they have a system that allows you to monitor the progress of the items you are selling. You simply need a picture of the item and upload it to their system with significant details especially the price. Once item has been set, it will be automatically placed by the system in the selling area. If by chance the item is sold, you need to send it using the company’s safe pre-paid postage packaging system. They usually pay you at once through checks or electronic payments such as PayPal after you have sent the item.

Selling old jewelry is one good way to generate instant cash. Now that you already know several options on how to sell them, you do not need to worry the next time you are in a financial emergency. If you want to know more tips, try to visit those websites that helps people like you or ask some professionals. me professionals.

Selling Gold Jewelry For Cash Made Easy

In the past, only the very rich possessed gold. Today, almost every owns at least a few gold pieces. Although gold has value, which increases during recessionary times, try to use it as cash and you run into difficulty. And so, people strapped for cash rummage around digging up never worn gold pieces with the thought of selling gold jewelry for cash. Not a bad idea, however when selling gold, a little research goes a long way. Before taking your jewelry to a gold dealer, have it appraised by a jeweler because gold dealers buy the gold and do not consider the jewelry as art. A jeweler can tell you whether your piece is of value beyond the gold it contains.

Once you know your gold pieces have value only because of the gold they contain, consider the quantity of gold found in each piece. Jewelry never contains pure gold, but is mixed with other alloys such as silver, copper or zinc. Again, gold dealers pay only for the gold found in jewelry. The quantity of gold found in a piece is measured in karats, 10 karat having the least amount of gold, 14k, 18k and 24k. When you know the approximate value of your gold, shop around for the best price. Money For Old Jewelry, an online gold dealer, guarantees a price ten percent higher than any written offer from other online gold buyers.

Money For Old Jewelry makes selling your unwanted gold a quick and simple process. You fill out and submit an online form, then they email, at no cost to you, a FedEx shipping label. Next, you go to the nearest FedEx location where FedEx supplies you with a 2″ plastic pouch, in which to place your jewelry. Place the mailing label on the pouch and FedEx does the rest. Money For Old Jewelry could not have made the task of sending your gold for an estimate any faster or easier.

When your gold arrives at Money For Old Jewelry, the latest x-ray technology analyzes it, and the precise percentage of gold is known. Within hours, you receive an offer by email. If you decide not to accept the offer, they return your gold at no cost to you. On the other hand, if you accept the offer, they send payment the same day they received shipment. When you deliver your jewelry to a FedEx location near you, expect money to be in your hands within 24 hours.

The condition of your jewelry is inconsequential because it will become scrap gold. In addition to gold, Money For Old Jewelry purchases platinum and silver. When selling gold jewelry for cash, if you choose to deal with this first-rate organization, you will appreciate the difference.  No need to wait several days for a kit to arrive. Additionally, the x-ray technology used takes the guesswork out of gold content. Most importantly, the quick turn around time ensures you receive your needed cash fast. Respectful of your privacy, no one will ever know of your business dealings. If you need money, consider turning spare assets into hard cash.

Turn Old Jewelry Into Money With Cash For Gold

Lots of people are looking for ways to make extra cash, and selling your old gold is a great way to get money quickly. Whether you have jewelry that no longer fits, has become outdated or is not worn for any other reason, cash for gold can turn that jewelry into cold, hard cash in twenty four hours. Unlike some other gold buyers who require you to order a kit that can take up to five days to arrive at your home by mail, fill out paperwork, package and mail in your jewelry and then wait several more days for your money, cash for gold has almost instant turn around and can have money in your account within twenty four hours of starting the application. The online, easy to use application will walk you through the gold selling process and will give our experts all the information they need to assess your jewelry. The application also allows you to determine how you receive the money and gives you control of the selling process. Quick cash with no kits or hassles is just one of the many reasons we have so many satisfied sellers.

Another reason we are the leader of choice is because of the advanced technology we utilize to determine the worth of your gold. Some companies use the marked karat weight to estimate the amount of gold in your jewelry and use that estimate to make a purchase offer. At cash for gold, we use state of the art x ray technology that allows precise analysis of the exact amount of gold or platinum your jewelry so the purchase price you are offered is based on the amount of gold or platinum you have, not just an arbitrary guess.

In addition to our quick payment and precise buying procedures, we have been in business for over forty years and have experience you can trust. There is never a risk in doing business with us. If you do not want to accept the purchase offer, simply decline our offer and your jewelry will be promptly returned to you with no additional shipping or services charges. To make sure we always make the best offer, we will beat any other written offer given to you in the last thirty days by ten percent. We will never sell your information and your privacy is always guaranteed when selling gold to us.

There are so many reasons extra cash is needed, and no matter what the reason you can turn gold into cash to cover your expenses. Whether it is a dream vacation, a once in a lifetime experience, season tickets for your favorite sports team, medical expenses, car repairs or a fun shopping spree you need to fund, consider selling your unused and unworn gold for cash. With quick service and no risks, the only thing you have to gain is cold, hard cash. Visit the website today to see how quickly you can turn your gold into cash and enjoy the benefits of doing business with the gold buying industry leader.

Turn Unwanted Jewelry Into Treasure With Cash For Gold

If you have unwanted gold jewelry, selling it for cash can help you make ends meet or just give you some play money to enjoy. Whether you want to sell your jewelry to reach a financial goal like paying off a credit card or to reward yourself with a vacation, you want to make sure you get the best price possible. With the prices of gold continuing to rise, now is a great time to cash in your unwanted jewelry and get cash for gold. At, we can buy your unwanted gold and have the money to you within twenty four hours of receiving it. With other companies, you must call in a request for a sellers kit, wait for it to arrive in the mail, fill out the enclosed paperwork, mail it back with your jewelry and wait for their response. Sometimes, this process can take up to two weeks. When you are in a cash flow crunch, two weeks is not a viable waiting period, so turn to use for help. With an easy to use online form, you simply fill out all the information along with one of our mailing labels, package your jewelry, mail it and we will take care of the rest.

Using state of the art x ray technology to determine the exact amount of precious metal your jewelry contains, our experts will then make you a purchase offer. You can decide to accept it and the money will be deposited via they way of your choice; wire transfer, certified check or directly to a charity of your choice. You always know you are getting the best price with our best price guarantee: if another buyer makes you a better offer within thirty days, we will match it by ten percent. If you decide to decline the purchase offer, your jewelry will be mailed back to you immediately at no cost to you. All of our mailings are insured up to five thousand dollars and with our best price guarantee and no risk purchase quote, you have nothing to lose by seeing how much cash your gold is worth.

When you need or want extra cash quickly, selling your unwanted, unworn or out of date gold jewelry is a great way to cover your expenses. If you are ready to trade your gold for cash, go online and fill out the application and print off your mailing label today. Send it in and by tomorrow, you could have a purchase quote and cash in hand for jewelery you will not even miss. With over forty years experience in the reclaimed metal industry and the best price guarantee coupled with quick service and  payment, we are the industry leaders in buying gold. Get started today by seeing how much your old jewelry is worth. You may be surprised at how much cash is sitting in your jewelry drawers, and it will feel great to turn it into cold, hard cash you can use and enjoy.

Learn How To Sell Old Jewelry For Cash Easily And Quickly

By now, you have probably seen all the commercials and advertisements for selling your gold jewelry for cash. While it seems like a great idea and a risk free way to get extra money, you may find yourself wondering how to sell old jewelry. While there are a number of different ways such as pawn shops, estate sales, jeweler’s markets and other venues, the easiest way is by using With a best price guarantee, a free, no risk or obligation purchase offer, forty years in experience of reclaiming metals, state of the art technology and twenty four hour turn around payment time, is the smart way to sell old jewelry.

With our service, selling your unwanted jewelry is easy and hassle free.  Simply visit our website and fill out and submit the online form, print out our mailing label, package your jewelry and send it in. No hassles, no waiting for a mail in kit, just quick service you can customize by selecting your payment options.

Once your jewelry is received, out experts will analyze your jewelry. Some gold buyers use the karat weights indicated on your jewelry to estimate how much precious metal you have and base their purchase price on that estimate. When you use, your jewelry is examined using cutting edge x ray technology to determine the exact precious metal content of your jewelry so you get the fairest price. Additionally, if you are given a written purchase offer for more than what paid, we will beat that offer by ten percent. Shipping your jewelry to us costs you nothing and all of our mailings are insured up to five thousand dollars making it safe to business by mail. If you decide to accept the purchase offer, you can have your money transferred instantly through a wire transfer, made out to you via a cashier’s check or directed to your favorite charity, whichever method you prefer, your money will be available within twenty four hours after you accept the purchase offer.

Selling your old gold for cash is a smart way to get extra money without the expenses and hassles of payday lending or using credit cards to stretch your budget. If you find yourself in need of extra cash or just with unwanted, unworn, unused gold and platinum jewelry, turn it into cash by selling it to the industry leaders,

With our cutting edge x ray technology, best price guarantee, quick service and no risk offer, you have no reason not to find out what your scrap gold is worth. Get started today by filling out and submitting the online form, printing the mailing label and shipping out your jewelry. Once you see how much your unwanted gold is worth, you will understand why so many people sell their jewelry for cash. Now that you know how to sell old jewelry, let turn your gold into cash you can use with service, reliability and expertise you can trust and rely on.

Sell Jewelry And Get The Most Green For Your Gold is one of the best places a person can sell jewelry that they no longer want or need. There is a great number of commercials and business that advertise their services in this area, but rest assured, is better in many ways.  Here is a closer look at how this company sets itself apart from the crowd.

When a person tries to sell jewelry, they are often taken advantage of and offered a low value for their gold. This is simply a waste of time for both the buyers and sellers.  Not with  This is the easiest and quickest way to get money for old jewelry and at top dollar.  Money can be processed as fast as 24 hours, which is especially convenient for people struggling with financial difficulties.

Unlike other companies that require a person to complete packages or kits before receiving payment, is much more simplistic.  There is no reason to wait days to get a kit in the mail that is filled with complicated instructions.  All of the information that is needed can be easily filled out online. uses the newest xray technology to analyze all gold to determine the exact percent of precious metal in the jewelry.  Other buyers use marked karat weight and merely estimate the amount of gold in a piece of jewelry.  This is why they pay lower sums of money to make up for the additional risk linked to the guesswork that they perform.  Also, local gold dealers are known to lowball a person trying to sell jewelry as well.

The founder of has been in business for over forty years and has built a great reputation through experience as being the top in the industry.  The company takes great pride in customer relations and never shares any personal information with other sources at any time.  Therefore, all clients can feel totally secure during every transaction.

There is absolutely no risk involved with this company.  At a seller’s request, will email an offer within hours of receiving the jewelry.  If the person does not want to accept the offer of has had second thoughts, the jewelry will be sent back at no additional charge and no questions asked.

This website guarantees that a person will not get a higher offer from anyone else.  If a client has a written offer on hand from a different internet gold buyer that is dated within the last 30 days, will increase the offer by 10%.  This can be a lucrative proposition for the seller and amount to a significant sum of money.

If a person is trying to sell jewelry that contains gold or platinum, is a good place to begin.  The goal of this business is to be as fair as possible and offer the most money to a person for their old jewelry.  There is no reason not to visit this site and get a personal look into the small fortune that may lie ahead.

Make Money By Selling Jewelry

Selling jewelry is a smart way to get extra cash when you need it, when ever you need it. Often, unexpected expenses crop up when pay day is no where in sight. In these instances, some people turn to pay day loans to help them make ends meet. While these loans can be helpful, they often come along with hefty fees. The convenience of getting cash instantly, though, lures people into these loans because they cannot wait for pay day for their cash and the loan fees are less cumbersome than the hassle they would incur by waiting. There is another way, though, to get the money you need instantly by selling jewelry to get cash for gold.

Selling your old, unworn, broken, or unwanted jewelry will clear out space in your drawers and turn unwanted items into much wanted cash. Whether your jewelry is a reminder of a relationship gone bad, out of fashion, no longer fits or is just plain not your style, turning it into cash is the best way to get rid of it. You may be surprised at how easy it is to sell your jewelry and once you see how easy it is, you will be ready to trade your gold for cash.

All you have to do is go online to and fill out and submit the online application form. There, you will give your contact information and decide how you want to be paid should you decide to accept the purchase offer. Then, print off the free shipping label and mail in your jewelry. Once it is received, the experts at will use cutting edge technology to x ray your jewelry and determine its exact precious metal content to give you the best price possible. Then, they will make you an offer. If you accept, the money will be deposited to you in the manner you chose on the form either through wire transfer, cashier’s check or to the charity of your choice. Should you decide to decline the purchase offer, your jewelry will be shipped to you immediately at no charge to you whatsoever. It is that easy, print, ship and receive your money.

In addition to our quick service, we also offer a best price guarantee. If any other gold buyer makes you a better offer within thirty days, let us know and we will match it then beat it by ten percent. With our advanced technology, quick service, and best price guarantee we have been industry leaders in the metal reclamation business for forty years. See why so many people have had success selling their jewelry to us for yourself. Visit today and start the application process that will turn your unwanted gold into needed cash and get the money you need almost instantly. No matter what you need the cash for, can help you get what you need with no added fees, interest or risks so go ahead and see what kind of cash your gold will command.