Sell Your Gold For The Best Deal

In this time of economic crisis, many people are looking for ways to make ends meet. While many want to sell gold, the matter of finding a trustworthy company to work with. Sending off family heirlooms or jewelry that you have had for years is difficult to do if you do not have the utmost confidence that you are getting a fair deal. is the rare company with the customer service and technology to give you the price you deserve.

Money For Old Jewelry uses cutting edge x-ray technology to analyze your jewelry, taking the guess work out of determining its true value. Rather than someone with an agenda eyeballing your precious metal, you know you can trust Money For Old Jewelry technicians to use the most scientific possible methods to assess your gold. Most other gold buyers use the marked karat weight of gold instead of our high-tech methods, and estimate the amount of gold in your jewelry based off of that. This means that you pay for the risk associated with their guesswork. It is different at our esteem company, where we are not only precious in our analysis, but fair as well. We can make offers before you decide whether or not you want to sell, and are so confident that our offers will not be beat that we will beat any better offers by ten percent! That is how certain we are that we are the best company for those looking to sell gold.

Many people have gold or platinum jewelry on hand just collecting dust. While gold prices will always fluctuate, sometimes it is more financially prudent to trade in your jewelry for cash now. We also accept dental gold, coins, and gold, platinum, or silver bullion in any condition.

The process is simple: go to our website at, fill out and submit the online form, and then wait for the pre-paid shipping label to be mailed to your home address. Take this label along with the gold you would like to have evaluated to your nearest FedEx location, and FedEx employees will help you with the rest. Within twenty-four hours, you can receive your money! No need to wait a week, or more, for laborious snail-mail exchanges between you and us, and no kits or packages to deal with. We do all the work: all you have to do is decide whether or not you want to take the deal – and it is one that we guarantee will beat any other offers, or you will get an additional ten percent.

Testimonials from our happy customers include this one from Winnie Moody, who was paid almost five hundred dollars more for her jewelry than one of our competitors, “who advertises that they pay more for gold than anyone else.” With our easy-to-use website, tracking system, and customer service, you can be sure that you are being taken care of, and that you will be getting the best deal for your precious metals.

How To Sell Jewelry

With gold and other precious metals prices at an all-time high, this is the best time to sell jewelry that you may own. The mantra of good investing is buy low and sell high, so if you are an investor in gold, you should be booking a handsome profit by selling your gold at the current prices. This short guide will tell you how you can sell your jewelry to professional buyers.

How to Sell Gold Jewelry

Before you sell your jewelry, it is important to understand that when you sell jewelry, you are selling the precious metal that the jewelry is made out of, and not the craftsmanship that has gone into its making. This means that your beautiful and intricately designed ring that weighs less than your ugliest ring will fetch you less money than the latter. Therefore, you should keep a realistic expectation when selling your jewelry, especially when it is a beautiful piece of jewelry.

The easiest and arguably the best method to sell your jewelry is to use the services of professional buying companies that allow you to mail your jewelry and get your payment through the mail. These professional buyers will estimate the amount of gold and other precious meal in your jewelry, and then calculate your payment based on that and the current market rate of the metal.

The leading online jewelry buyers such as use latest X-ray technology to more precisely estimate the amount of gold in your jewelry. This means that you get a more accurate payment for your jewelry, unlike with other buyers who, without X-ray analysis, can only make a rough estimate of gold in any piece, which usually means that they estimate less gold than there really is contained in the piece.

How to Sell Diamond Rings

The value of diamonds is harder to judge than the value metal. Before offering to sell your diamond ring, you should consult a professional diamond appraiser to find out the current market value of the diamond. You do not always have to pay a fee to have your diamond appraised — you can also just visit a couple of pawnbrokers and ask them to appraise your diamond for free. Once you have a realistic assessment of your diamond as well as the body of the ring, you can then shop around for the buyer who is willing to pay the best price for your diamond jewelry.

Read the Rules as well as the Fine Print

Almost all professional jewelry buying companies clearly spell out their rules and terms on their site. It is your responsibility as a seller to make sure that you understand them clearly. There are some specific differences from one company to another, and these differences can make the difference between an easy sale, and a nightmare. For example, many companies only offer limited liability, which means that if you lose your jewelry in mail, you will end up bearing the cost of your loss.

Professional buyers such as allow you to sell your gold and other metal jewelry from the comfort of your home, at prices that are hard to beat. With prices of gold and diamond at close to the highest they have ever been, your old and crusty jewelry can get you more money than you might imagine.

Sell Gold Jewelry To Only The Best Company

How Money For Old Works
The way Money For Old Works is simple. All a person has to do is go to the company’s site and submit a form, then follow the instructions. Anybody who wants to sell gold jewelry will be able to do so without any hassles, when they follow the company’s instructions.

Why People May Need Money For Old
There are many reasons why people may need to use Money For Old, with the main one being that they need money quickly. People may need money for a a variety of reasons and they simply cannot wait until their next payday, and this is another reason why people use the company’s service.

Why Money For Old Is The Best Choice
When a person needs to sell their jewelry, then the best choice is Money For Old There are a lot of reasons why the company is the best choice, and one of those reasons is fast service. Many people who do business with the company end up receiving their money within 24 hours from the time they contact the company and arrange to sell their jewelry.

Another reason why the company is the best choice is that they deal with no kits or packages. Many other companies do this and people end up having to wait weeks in order to get money for their gold jewelry. All Money For Old wants is for their customers to fill out a simple form.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of doing business with the company is the technology they use to determine how much gold is worth. Most companies will guess how much gold is worth based on the karat and weight of the gold. However, Money For Old uses x-ray technology to help determine how much gold is worth.

It is also very easy to accept or deny an offer from the company because they send their customers an email. In the email is an offer, and all a person has to do is either tell the company that they accept the offer or they deny it, and if a person denies the offer the company will return the jewelry.

Money For Old is confident that no other company can beat their offers. If a person finds a better offer, then Money For Old will beat the offer by 10%, and this is something not many companies do.

The customer service is also very good. If a person has any questions at all, then all they have to do is contact the company via telephone or email, and they will receive a response in a timely fashion. They also protect their customers’ privacy, which is good news because people will have comfort in knowing they are dealing with a company that cares about their customers.

Anybody who wants to sell their jewelry should do so at Money For Old because they are the best in the industry and they care about their customers.

Learning How To Sell Old Jewelry For The Best Price

Learning how to sell old jewelry can prove beneficial and give a person some nice extra money to have, especially since the economy has not been very good lately.  Everyone has some spare jewelry that is not worn or no longer fits.  When this happens, it is time to find a place to take the jewelry and turn it into cash.  There are many advertisements on television and kiosks in the mall that offer these services.  However, one of the best places to use is

Money For Old Jewelry is a premiere site that offers the highest payout amount.  In fact, if a person has received a written offer from a different internet jewelry buyer in the last month, we will increase the offer  by 10%.

We use the newest technological advancements including x-rays to analyze the jewelry which helps us to get the exact amount of precious metal on the jewelry.  Most other gold buyers only take the karat weight and approximate how much gold is present.  This is why they pay less to their customers.  Unlike us, they must make up for the higher level of risk related to this process.

We do not get involved with unnecessary packages or kits like other places either.  A person should not have to wait up to two weeks just to receive the kit that is needed to send the jewelry.  On top of this, those kits are usually accompanied by confusing forms and a lot of unnecessary paperwork.  All a person must do with is to fill out an easy form from the website.  Anyone can receive money within 24 hours.  Choosing to be paid now means we will wire the payment on the same day as we get the shipment.

Our founder has been in the business for more than forty years, so we know jewelry.  We take pride in out customer service and keep all information private.  We never sell or share data with any other company.

It is super simple and always free to send us jewelry.  All a customer must do is to print out a FedEx shipping label and select a location for shipping.  FedEx will supply a box and off it goes.  Upon reception, we will email a confirmation receipt.  The package can also be tracked at any time online.  After we send the price we are willing to pay, a person has the right to refuse.  When a customer is not satisfied with a quote, they will receive their jewelry back at no extra cost.  Therefore, nothing ventured, nothing gained, and nothing lost.

This is the ideal service for anyone who wants to learn how to sell old jewelry for the best price.  Instead of haggling with pawn ships or other jewelry outlets, Money For Old Jewelry is the place to go.  We have thousands of satisfied customers who know that our service is second to none.  Give us a try and you can see hands on why we are the best.

How You Can Get Cash For Gold

Many people are using Money for Old Jewelry. com because they are able to sell all of their old and unused jewelry and get cold, hard cash in return.  There are a couple of reasons why you would want to get cash for gold and why you would use Money for Old Jewelry. com as opposed to any other company out there.  Knowing the benefits will help you to make a decision when it comes to getting rid of all of your unused items and getting money in its place that you can use for whatever life throws at you.

In times like these, people are finding it more and more difficult to pay their bills and afford expenses that come up for their families.  Unfortunately, many people apply for loans or put charges on credit cards that could cause them to go into debt.  Instead of taking risks like this, you should consider getting cash for gold as soon as possible.  You will notice that you simply sell your unused jewelry and receive money.  There are no commitments and the entire process is incredibly safe because all of your information is going to be kept confidential after you share it.

The way this online gold buying company works is easy and effortless for those who are new to selling jewelry.  You simply need to fill out a form and mail in your items.  You do not have to wait for forms or applications to come in the mail because everything is done right on the Internet.  This saves you an incredible amount of time so that you can simply get the money that you need, when you need it for yourself or for the rest of your family at home.  This process is one of the quickest available, and this is why this company is the leader in the gold business.

The best thing about this company is also that they will give you the right price for the items that you send.  They will use special technologies to measure your gold to find out its worth.  From there, you will be offered a set amount of money that you can either take or refuse.  If you decide to refuse the money, this particular gold buying company will mail the jewelry back to you without charging you a thing.  Now you can see why so many people use this particular company for all of their gold selling needs.

There is simply nothing more beneficial than being able to get cash for gold when you need it in life.  You may have a bill that has gone unpaid for weeks or you may have had an emergency expense come up that needs to be paid as soon as possible.  Instead of relying on loans or credit cards, sell your old jewelry so that you do not have to worry about more bills and expenses in the long run because the entire process is one that is incredibly quick and easy.

You Can Sell Gold To Get Money

You may have heard of people who are looking to sell gold and get a lot of money for the items that they get rid of.  Selling your old jewelry is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get real cash in a matter of a day, especially with Money for Old and their gold buying professionals.  If you are new to selling gold and how the process works, there are a few things that you should know before you take advantage of this company and all that they have to offer to those who want quick cash.

The first thing you may be wondering is why you would need this type of service.  For many people, affording bills and other expenses can be almost impossible.  Taking out a number of loans and credit cards are simply putting you further into debt.  Instead of doing things this way, you should consider selling old jewelry that you do not use.  Most people have a drawer filled with their old gold that simply sits there.  You may not even realize that you are literally sitting on cash that could go to better use if you simply sell it to the right company.

The first thing you will want to do when you are ready to sell gold is to visit Money for Old and print out their shipping label.  The shipping label is insured and will protect your items so that you do not have to worry about them getting lost in the mail.  You will then have to fill out an easy online application form that is safe and confidential for you as the client.  The application is then sent in and it is a matter of the company receiving your items so that they can evaluate them.

This particular gold buying company uses special techniques and technologies to ensure that you get the most money for your items.  This depends on the weight and quality of the gold to determine how much it happens to be worth if you are looking to sell it to the company.  After the gold has been evaluated, you will then receive an offer that you can take or refuse.  If you take the offer, your money will be sent to you within a matter of one business day.  If you refuse the offer, your items will be mailed right back to you at no extra charge.

The entire process of how to sell gold is one that is incredibly easy and quick.  When you sell gold, you will find that the money is sent right to you when you need it most.  This enables you to enjoy life more without having to rely solely on credit cards and loans that could cause you to go into some major debt problems.  You can easily sell gold and get the cash that you need without having to worry that you are being cheated out of money.  Many people use this company because it is trusted.

Info On How To Sell Old Jewelry Online

If you are wondering how to sell old jewelry, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that the entire process is a quick and easy one.  There are a couple of reasons why you would sell old jewelry and you may want to know why Money for Old is the best choice out there for those who are looking for the most money for their items.  The first thing is for you to determine why you would need to make use of this company’s services and the benefits that come along with selling your old and unused items.

The first thing you should know about gold selling is that you can get money within a matter of one business day.  This means that you do not have to wait for applications or forms being sent to you because Money for Old makes it quick and easy for you to do in your own home from the computer.  All you have to do is go online and fill out a simple application.  From there, you can print out the fully insured label to send your items in with so that you can feel safe while they are in the mail.

You will then be able to wait only a short amount of time before Money for Old evaluates your items and sends you an offer for them.  You will notice that this particular company gives you more cash for your items because they have special x-ray techniques to determine gold’s worth as opposed to other companies that may just use a simple weighing scale.  This means that you get more money for the items that you are looking to sell so that you do not have to feel like you are being cheated for all of that jewelry.

There are a few key reasons why you would want to sell your gold.  The main reason for people selling unused jewelry is because it allows them to get really fast cash when they need it most.  You will notice that you do not have to worry about taking out a credit card or dealing with loans when you are trying to pay a bill or expense.  This is simply a more logical way to get quick cash as opposed to dealing with credit cards and loans that could cause you to go into some serious debt over time.

If you want to know how to sell old jewelry, you will be happy to know that the entire process is a quick and simple one for you.  Simply fill out your online application and mail the pieces in.  You will receive an offer as soon as the company evaluates your items and sees what they happen to be worth for you.  There is no reason for you to deal with a large amount of credit cards when you can get rid of all of that unused jewelry that is simply collecting dust by sitting in one of your dresser drawers.

Get Cash For Gold In A Smart Way

Anyone who is looking for an easy way to make a bit of extra money should consider trading cash for gold.  Most people have a relative who left them jewelry that never gets worn or items that were given to them during past relationships.  These useless items can be sold for some bonus cash.  This can be extremely helpful in times of a rough economy like that of today.  Here is a look at Money For Old Jewelry, one of the best internet places to participate in these transactions.

There are numerous places that a person can trade cash for gold.  Pawn shops have been used for decades, but no one likes the hassle.  Walking through the mall or watching infomercials on television, a person will be bombarded with places that promise to pay top dollar for old jewelry.  Oftentimes, these outlets are filled with tricks or will not pay as promised.  Other times, a person will walk away with a significantly smaller amount of money than the jewelry was actually worth.

To get the best cash value on old jewelry, a person should head to  This website includes one simple form that can be completed in minutes and submitted.  There are no unnecessary kits or complicated forms that are hard to understand.  After gold is received, a person will receive payment within 24 hours.  From the start, a free quote will be sent.  If a customer is not happy, the jewelry will be returned with no added fees.

Money For Old Jewelry takes advantage of x-ray technology that analyzes jewelry.  This gives a precise measurement of precious metal.  Other buyers simply consider the karat weight in the jewelry pieces.  This is why they pay lower amounts because of their added risk.  Our company is so committed to giving the best price that we will match any competitor’s quote given within the last 30 days by 10%.

We have professionals that have been in the business for years.  This expertise along with the goal of producing total customer satisfaction makes our company different and so worthwhile.  We also never share any private information with any third parties.

Our website is an excellent resource of happy customers who have found our transactions very beneficial.  We also display actual amounts paid to people for common pieces of jewelry.  We deal with gold or platinum metals that are in any condition.  We also deal with coins or bullion as well.

There is no reason that a person is not already looking through old jewelry boxes.  They may be filled with hidden treasures.  Trading cash for gold is an excellent way to acquire extra money.  Perhaps a person is saving for a new car or a nice vacation.  Maybe a person just got laid off from a job and needs to catch up on some important bills.  No matter the reason, this is an excellent and simple way to add some money to the pot.  There is nothing to lose, except some useless jewelry.

Reasons To Sell Jewelry For Extra Cash

An easy way to make some extra money is to sell jewelry for cash.  There are many options available to people looking to take advantage of this opportunity.  It is important to find the best place to turn to which will pay out the highest amounts and provide the best customer service possible.  Pawn shops have been the traditional place to trade jewelry for money.  There is also television infomercials and mall kiosks that promise a large sum for old jewelry.  However, Money For Old Jewelry is the site to explore when a person wants the best deal.

Getting some extra cash may make it easier to pay off lingering bills, take a nice vacation, or even a dream car.  Every woman has some jewelry that she never wears or no longer fits.  This is the chance to turn trash to cash.  Instead of letting the pieces collect dust, it is smart to sell jewelry for money.

Sometimes people get frustrated because the process includes needless paperwork and confusing kits that take weeks to arrive before the transaction can be processed.  Not with  There is one easy form to complete that is available on the website.  At that point a person can print a free FedEx address label and attach it to a free envelop that can be found at a specified nearby FedEx location.  The package can be tracked at any time as well.  Immediately upon receipt, the customer will receive an email confirmation and quote.  If this amount is not satisfactory, the jewelry will be returned at no extra charge.  If the terms are acceptable, the customer will receive wired funds in a 24 hour window.  There is no risk involved.

A person is assured the best deal because our site matches and beats any other written quote from the competition within the last 30 days.  Also, Money For Old Jewelry uses the best technology with x-rays to determine the amount for precious metal in each jewelry piece.  Other outlets only estimate the amount of gold according to karat weight.

Our company runs with decades of experience and strives to keep  all customers satisfied.  We never share any private information given to us.  We also welcome testimonials that explain how useful and beneficial our services are to our customers.  Our website is filled with positive reviews and pictures of real jewelry pieces that we have bought for high dollar amounts.

There is no better place to sell jewelry than  We accept jewelry, old coins, as well as bullion.  There is no worry that the items must be in great shape, since we accept metal in all types of conditions.

There is no time like the present to start earning some extra cash.  As the economy continues to get worse, there is no easier way to alleviate some of the problems than selling old jewelry.   When a person decides to sell jewelry for money, they are turning trash into treasure that can be used for better things.