How soon will I receive payment?

If you choose the “pay now” option, we will wire transfer our payment to you on the day we receive your shipment. Our goal is to have money in your hands within 24 hours of the time you deliver your jewelry to Federal Express.

How do I send my gold jewelry to you?

Print out the FedEx shipping label. Click here. Choose a FedEx location near you (from the list we provide to you). Place the shipping label in the plastic pouch on a FedEx 2″ inch shipping box (furnished at no charge by FedEx).

How do I know you received my jewelry?

Immediately upon receipt of your package, you will receive an email confirming receipt.

Also, you can track your package at any time by entering the tracking number supplied with your shipping label. Click here and enter your tracking number.

How does Money For Old Jewelry determine how much I will receive?

We analyze the precise percentage of gold in each item of your jewelry using the latest x-ray technology.

We individually weigh each item and determine the amount of gold it contains based upon the percentage determined in step 1.

The exact amount we pay you is then based upon the spot price of gold on the day we receive your jewelry.

How do I know I am getting a fair price?

Money For Old Jewelry will pay you the most that we believe we possibly can for your gold jewelry.

Other gold buyers, who do not use our latest x-ray technology to analyze your jewelry, must “guess” at the amount of gold in your jewelry. You pay for the risk associated with this guesswork.

You can choose the option of receiving an offer from us before deciding whether to sell your gold to us. If you decide not to take our offer, your gold will be returned to you at our expense and no cost to you.

We are confident that we will treat you more fairly than any other gold buyer. If you decide not to accept our offer and receive a higher written offer for your gold, return your gold to us with the written offer and we will pay you 10% more than the other offer you received. Click here for terms and conditions


How do I know my privacy is protected?

We have a very simple privacy policy. Your privacy is absolutely protected. We do not provide any information about you to anyone for any reason. There are no exceptions.

What do you buy?

We buy gold or platinum jewelry, in any condition, dental gold, coins, and gold, platinum, or silver bullion.

Do you buy jewelry in any condition?

Yes. We are purchasing gold, jewelry, coins, etc. for their precious metals content. It makes no difference whether your jewelry is broken, scratched, out of style, etc.