Getting The Most Cash For Gold

Getting cash for gold can be simple, especially when using  It is always nice to get a few extra dollars after cleaning out an old jewelry box.  When a person inherits gold or has old pieces that they no longer wear, it only makes sense to sell it for some quick cash.  Trying to sell it at estate sales or yard sales can get complicated.  The only drawback is that sometimes people are suspicious about selling gold in this manner, but rest assured that it is safe and easy.

There are many benefits with doing business with this website.  A person will receive payment within one day of filling out the simple form.  As with other sites, there are no kits or packages to deal with.  Sometimes it can take weeks before these things arrive in the mail.  On top of this, they come filled with lengthy and tricky instructions.  This does not occur with moneyforgoldjewelry.  All of the information that is needed can be sent through the simple online form.

Money For Old Jewelry uses the most advanced forms of xray technology which analyzes the amounts of gold present in the jewelry.  This will assure the highest prices paid.  Other businesses use the marketed weight of the jewelry and only give the approximate value of the gold.  This results in a lower money amount being paid to compensate for the risks that come with the process.

There is no need to worry about being taken advantage of through the transaction.  Upon request, a customer is emailed an offer for the gold in a short window of time after being received.  If the deal is not seen as good enough, the gold will be sent back free of charge.

Money For Gold Jewelry guarantees to beat any quoted price.  If a customer can provide a written offer from a different online gold buyer that is dated within the last month, the offer will be beat by 10%.  This is quite a nice cushion and incentive for any seller to give it a try.

The founder of the company has been in this business for more than forty years.  Therefore, experience and professionalism is brought to the forefront of every transaction.  Quality customer service is always practiced.  All private information is respected.  No data is sold or shared with anyone else for any reason.

It is free for a person to send the gold to the company.  All that is needed is a printed FedEx shipping label that is provided over the internet.  This allows a customer to track the package at any time during shipping.  When the gold is received, an email confirmation will be sent. The best part is that the gold can be sent in any condition and any form.

No other company backs their services like Moneyforoldjewelry.  Start small and send a few pieces to discover first hand how easy the process can be.  There is nothing to lose and a lot of extra money to gain.