How To Sell Jewelry

With gold and other precious metals prices at an all-time high, this is the best time to sell jewelry that you may own. The mantra of good investing is buy low and sell high, so if you are an investor in gold, you should be booking a handsome profit by selling your gold at the current prices. This short guide will tell you how you can sell your jewelry to professional buyers.

How to Sell Gold Jewelry

Before you sell your jewelry, it is important to understand that when you sell jewelry, you are selling the precious metal that the jewelry is made out of, and not the craftsmanship that has gone into its making. This means that your beautiful and intricately designed ring that weighs less than your ugliest ring will fetch you less money than the latter. Therefore, you should keep a realistic expectation when selling your jewelry, especially when it is a beautiful piece of jewelry.

The easiest and arguably the best method to sell your jewelry is to use the services of professional buying companies that allow you to mail your jewelry and get your payment through the mail. These professional buyers will estimate the amount of gold and other precious meal in your jewelry, and then calculate your payment based on that and the current market rate of the metal.

The leading online jewelry buyers such as use latest X-ray technology to more precisely estimate the amount of gold in your jewelry. This means that you get a more accurate payment for your jewelry, unlike with other buyers who, without X-ray analysis, can only make a rough estimate of gold in any piece, which usually means that they estimate less gold than there really is contained in the piece.

How to Sell Diamond Rings

The value of diamonds is harder to judge than the value metal. Before offering to sell your diamond ring, you should consult a professional diamond appraiser to find out the current market value of the diamond. You do not always have to pay a fee to have your diamond appraised — you can also just visit a couple of pawnbrokers and ask them to appraise your diamond for free. Once you have a realistic assessment of your diamond as well as the body of the ring, you can then shop around for the buyer who is willing to pay the best price for your diamond jewelry.

Read the Rules as well as the Fine Print

Almost all professional jewelry buying companies clearly spell out their rules and terms on their site. It is your responsibility as a seller to make sure that you understand them clearly. There are some specific differences from one company to another, and these differences can make the difference between an easy sale, and a nightmare. For example, many companies only offer limited liability, which means that if you lose your jewelry in mail, you will end up bearing the cost of your loss.

Professional buyers such as allow you to sell your gold and other metal jewelry from the comfort of your home, at prices that are hard to beat. With prices of gold and diamond at close to the highest they have ever been, your old and crusty jewelry can get you more money than you might imagine.