How To Sell Old Jewelry For The Most Money Possible

Many times a person is in need of some extra cash, so they decide to go through old jewelry boxes and uncover pieces that they no longer wear or have no sentimental attachment to in hopes of selling them.  The only thing that is left to learn is how to sell old jewelry to get the most money possible.  There are many different ways to gain cash for gold, but it is important to discover a way that is also safe and easy. is a great website that offers its customers a secure and simple way to exchange old jewelry for cash.  Unlike other websites that promise a good deal, delivers a guarantee of paying 10% over any other written estimated dated within the last month from the competition.

The founder of this website has accumulated years of experience over the last forty years in the industry and strives to provide the best possible service to all clients.  Privacy is extremely important and no private information is ever shared with another outside source.  No one wants to have their personal data given out to strange places.

To make the transaction even simpler, there are no packages or kits to stumble with.  In these instances, it could take weeks to receive a kit that includes complicated instruction that must be followed and paperwork that must be filled out. only requires a customer to fill out a quick form right over the internet.  Within 24 hours, a person could reap the rewards of having money deposited directly into their bank account.  However, if a person does not feel the offer is fair, there should be no worries.  MoneyForOldJewelry will send an email immediately following receipt of the jewelry.  If the deal is not satisfactory, the gold will be shipped back free of charge.  Very few businesses in life offer this type of risk free feature.

To be fair to every customer, utilizes the newest in xray technology to analyze all jewelry to determine the exact amount of precious metal present.  Other gold metal buyers commonly use the karat weight of the gold and approximate how much gold or platinum is included.  This results in a lower price offer to make up for the additional risk.

Selling jewelry over the internet may be a very rewarding experience.  There will be no haggling like at a traditional jewelry store.  Online buyers do not have to pay the high overhead fees that are often associated with these jewelers.  Even skeptics will agree that it is at least worth giving it a try.  It is essential to remember that shopping around is allowed.  Getting multiple quotes will give a seller a chance to compare all of the options.  As previously stated, will match and raise any online competitor’s offer and also lets a seller back out of a deal if they are not totally pleased with the offer.  In today’s troubled economy, there is no better time to collect a little extra cash.