Learning How To Sell Old Jewelry For The Best Price

Learning how to sell old jewelry can prove beneficial and give a person some nice extra money to have, especially since the economy has not been very good lately.  Everyone has some spare jewelry that is not worn or no longer fits.  When this happens, it is time to find a place to take the jewelry and turn it into cash.  There are many advertisements on television and kiosks in the mall that offer these services.  However, one of the best places to use is MoneyForOldJewelry.com.

Money For Old Jewelry is a premiere site that offers the highest payout amount.  In fact, if a person has received a written offer from a different internet jewelry buyer in the last month, we will increase the offer  by 10%.

We use the newest technological advancements including x-rays to analyze the jewelry which helps us to get the exact amount of precious metal on the jewelry.  Most other gold buyers only take the karat weight and approximate how much gold is present.  This is why they pay less to their customers.  Unlike us, they must make up for the higher level of risk related to this process.

We do not get involved with unnecessary packages or kits like other places either.  A person should not have to wait up to two weeks just to receive the kit that is needed to send the jewelry.  On top of this, those kits are usually accompanied by confusing forms and a lot of unnecessary paperwork.  All a person must do with MoneyForOldJewelry.com is to fill out an easy form from the website.  Anyone can receive money within 24 hours.  Choosing to be paid now means we will wire the payment on the same day as we get the shipment.

Our founder has been in the business for more than forty years, so we know jewelry.  We take pride in out customer service and keep all information private.  We never sell or share data with any other company.

It is super simple and always free to send us jewelry.  All a customer must do is to print out a FedEx shipping label and select a location for shipping.  FedEx will supply a box and off it goes.  Upon reception, we will email a confirmation receipt.  The package can also be tracked at any time online.  After we send the price we are willing to pay, a person has the right to refuse.  When a customer is not satisfied with a quote, they will receive their jewelry back at no extra cost.  Therefore, nothing ventured, nothing gained, and nothing lost.

This is the ideal service for anyone who wants to learn how to sell old jewelry for the best price.  Instead of haggling with pawn ships or other jewelry outlets, Money For Old Jewelry is the place to go.  We have thousands of satisfied customers who know that our service is second to none.  Give us a try and you can see hands on why we are the best.