Looking For Somewhere To Sell Your Old Gold And Jewelry?

Why Sell Gold and other Jewelry?

Gold and Jewelry are obviously precious items, and even more precious than their worth in Gold to some… However, almost everyone has some Jewelry at home gathering dust, that has seemingly no worth, and is unlikely to be passed onto future generations or ever worn again. This Jewelry is perfect for recycling or selling, and you may be presently surprised at how much it could be worth, which could be perfect for relieving some financial strains or even getting that cash together for that much needed holiday.

The price of Gold always seems to rise while economic prospects are poor, and over the past number of years, Gold prices have shot up to record highs, and is still shining. So that means that the price you can fetch for your gold chain, bracelets etc., can be as high, or higher as it ever was. Also, Gold is infinitely recyclable, so it means that it is one of the Greenest Industries in the world, constantly being recycled since thousands of years, originally being taken from the ground and used for centuries.

Almost all kinds of Gold Jewelry you may find at home can be sold and reused. From inexpensive little trinkets and chains, to gold bullion, heavy gold items, and fine jewelry, but in case you ware worried about whether or not your items are actually worth anything, there are means to find out the worth, without spending any money.

Reasons for using Money For Old Jewelry.com:

-If you decide to sell your Gold, Money for Old Jewelry.com can get you your money within 24 hours, so there is no need to wait for weeks for those cheques to cash.
-There are no packages or kits to deal with, and you don’t need to wait for 5 business days to receive an informatory kit like with other Gold Recyclers. You provide all the information needed online and instantly.
-The technology we use for testing the Gold is cutting edge and exactly determines the precise percentage of whatever precious metal, so you know you are getting the best deals with your precious items. Most dealers use the market Karat to estimate the price you will receive, this means they will generally pay substantially less in order to compensate for the risk involved with the estimates. Our means are fair and correct.
-There is absolutely no risk to the seller, and we can issue you a great cash offer for your gold within hours of receiving it. If you refuse, we will return the Gold to you free of charge.
-We pay more than other dealers, and if you have a better offer from another online dealer in the past month, we’ll beat it by 10%.
-We always protect and respect the privacy of our customers.
-We have been in the business of recycling precious metals for more than two decades, and can guarantee a high class and professional service, so you know you are in right hands when you want to sell gold.