Make Money By Selling Jewelry

Selling jewelry is a smart way to get extra cash when you need it, when ever you need it. Often, unexpected expenses crop up when pay day is no where in sight. In these instances, some people turn to pay day loans to help them make ends meet. While these loans can be helpful, they often come along with hefty fees. The convenience of getting cash instantly, though, lures people into these loans because they cannot wait for pay day for their cash and the loan fees are less cumbersome than the hassle they would incur by waiting. There is another way, though, to get the money you need instantly by selling jewelry to get cash for gold.

Selling your old, unworn, broken, or unwanted jewelry will clear out space in your drawers and turn unwanted items into much wanted cash. Whether your jewelry is a reminder of a relationship gone bad, out of fashion, no longer fits or is just plain not your style, turning it into cash is the best way to get rid of it. You may be surprised at how easy it is to sell your jewelry and once you see how easy it is, you will be ready to trade your gold for cash.

All you have to do is go online to and fill out and submit the online application form. There, you will give your contact information and decide how you want to be paid should you decide to accept the purchase offer. Then, print off the free shipping label and mail in your jewelry. Once it is received, the experts at will use cutting edge technology to x ray your jewelry and determine its exact precious metal content to give you the best price possible. Then, they will make you an offer. If you accept, the money will be deposited to you in the manner you chose on the form either through wire transfer, cashier’s check or to the charity of your choice. Should you decide to decline the purchase offer, your jewelry will be shipped to you immediately at no charge to you whatsoever. It is that easy, print, ship and receive your money.

In addition to our quick service, we also offer a best price guarantee. If any other gold buyer makes you a better offer within thirty days, let us know and we will match it then beat it by ten percent. With our advanced technology, quick service, and best price guarantee we have been industry leaders in the metal reclamation business for forty years. See why so many people have had success selling their jewelry to us for yourself. Visit today and start the application process that will turn your unwanted gold into needed cash and get the money you need almost instantly. No matter what you need the cash for, can help you get what you need with no added fees, interest or risks so go ahead and see what kind of cash your gold will command.