Reasons To Sell Jewelry For Extra Cash

An easy way to make some extra money is to sell jewelry for cash.  There are many options available to people looking to take advantage of this opportunity.  It is important to find the best place to turn to which will pay out the highest amounts and provide the best customer service possible.  Pawn shops have been the traditional place to trade jewelry for money.  There is also television infomercials and mall kiosks that promise a large sum for old jewelry.  However, Money For Old Jewelry is the site to explore when a person wants the best deal.

Getting some extra cash may make it easier to pay off lingering bills, take a nice vacation, or even a dream car.  Every woman has some jewelry that she never wears or no longer fits.  This is the chance to turn trash to cash.  Instead of letting the pieces collect dust, it is smart to sell jewelry for money.

Sometimes people get frustrated because the process includes needless paperwork and confusing kits that take weeks to arrive before the transaction can be processed.  Not with  There is one easy form to complete that is available on the website.  At that point a person can print a free FedEx address label and attach it to a free envelop that can be found at a specified nearby FedEx location.  The package can be tracked at any time as well.  Immediately upon receipt, the customer will receive an email confirmation and quote.  If this amount is not satisfactory, the jewelry will be returned at no extra charge.  If the terms are acceptable, the customer will receive wired funds in a 24 hour window.  There is no risk involved.

A person is assured the best deal because our site matches and beats any other written quote from the competition within the last 30 days.  Also, Money For Old Jewelry uses the best technology with x-rays to determine the amount for precious metal in each jewelry piece.  Other outlets only estimate the amount of gold according to karat weight.

Our company runs with decades of experience and strives to keep  all customers satisfied.  We never share any private information given to us.  We also welcome testimonials that explain how useful and beneficial our services are to our customers.  Our website is filled with positive reviews and pictures of real jewelry pieces that we have bought for high dollar amounts.

There is no better place to sell jewelry than  We accept jewelry, old coins, as well as bullion.  There is no worry that the items must be in great shape, since we accept metal in all types of conditions.

There is no time like the present to start earning some extra cash.  As the economy continues to get worse, there is no easier way to alleviate some of the problems than selling old jewelry.   When a person decides to sell jewelry for money, they are turning trash into treasure that can be used for better things.