Sell Gold Jewelry And Earn Extra Cash

Today people are always looking for easy ways to make a little extra money. One of the best ways is to sell gold jewelry for cash. There are many places where a person can handle a transaction of this nature, but one of the best is the online site Here is a closer look at how it works.

Everyone has some old jewelry pieces laying around the house that are just collecting dust. As the years pass, rings may not fit anymore or some items may have been inherited and not something of great interest. If this is the case, it is a great opportunity to make some extra money. After a person decides that they will definitely sell gold jewelry, they will want to assure that they receive the best price. Money For Old Jewelry will guarantee to beat any other online quote by 10%. They also take advantage of the newest xray technology for gold analysis. This helps to determine the exact amount of precious metal in all of the pieces. Other gold buyers only take the gold’s karat weight into consideration to estimate the amount of gold that is present. This is why they pay less.  They try to make up for their added risks.

This website makes everything as simple as possible. A person can select to get an offer before selling any jewelry. When this occurs, the company sends the offer over email on the same day that the items were received. If the offer is not accepted, the items will be returned to the customer free of charge. When a person does not want an offer before selling, the company performs a careful evaluation of the jewelry and pays according to the option selected.

There are three kinds of payment options. The most common is a wire transfer where funds are normally received within 24 hours of processing. Next, a person may get paid by a certified check that is sent to customer’s through overnight mail. The final option is that the money will be given to a specific charity.

Nothing is complicated through the entire process. There are no kits that are filled with difficult instructions. All of the necessary information can be completed through the form located on the company’s website. In minutes, the data will be processed and a person is even closer to the money. Since the founder has been involved in this industry for four decades, the company knows how to please its customers.

It can be quite simple to learn how to sell gold jewelry with no hidden tricks or complicated directions to follow. is a great place to trade unwanted jewelry for some extra cash. Payments are sent quickly and efficiently and all other offers are matched and beaten. The numerous payment options are other reasons to do business with this company. To get a first hand view of the fair prices that are given out, the website displays the most recent transactions with pictures of the jewelry and the cash value paid out.  There is no better time to try it out and decide if the offer is worth the deal.