Sell Gold Quickly At A Profit

How to sell your gold?

There is only one thing good that happens when the economy goes bad: your gold appreciates or even triples in value. Over the last few years, the recession and depression in the world market directly resulted in a 70% hike in current gold rates. The current price has stabilized but rates for gold of any kind have reached a value which makes it hugely attractive for investors. This value is applicable on the home front too. If you have gold jewelry, bars or coins that were handed down to you as hereditary trinkets, this is the time to sell gold for its highest value. Here is how you can do it right.

Find a base value from a reliable dealer
Gold rates tend to vary day to day. You can start by taking your gold jewelry or gold-based items to your local jewelry store to check its purity and the value of the gold. Authentic and licensed jewelers will usually not purchase your gold but they will take it exchange for other items that you buy from them. They will also estimate the current price for your item and then tell you about the purity of the gold too. You can use this as a baseline to find out and compare the prices of other dealers. One of the best ways to find the current gold value is by checking with reliable websites like where to you can send in your gold items. The company provides a registered FEDEX coupon by which you can mail your gold in and the company instantly provides a quote for the item. You can refuse the offer and the gold will be mailed back to you immediately at no extra charge.

Check with an antiquities dealer
There are a huge range of gold products which also come into the antiquities range. That means you might have Victorian-Era gold rings which are clunky and large and make of 12K gold. The gold itself has very little value here but Victorian Era jewelry is very valuable. An antiquities dealer will be able to put an accurate price on your jewelry item. The same applies for heirloom collectibles in the form of coins, statues, pins etc which contain 12K or 10K gold but do have a collectors value on them.

Stones and scrap?
It does not matter if you paid 20,000 for that diamond engagement ring as the stone itself is excluded from the value of the ring. Most jewelers will only pay for the gold and they can easily get authenticated diamonds from a diamond wholesaler. Unfortunately, diamond jewelry has no resale value unless you sell it back to the original seller.  Tiny bits and pieces of scrap gold can be sold too. Dental fillings, gold teeth and crowns usually contain about 16K gold. These pieces can be melted down with scrap to make pure gold. Most dental restorations will also contain platinum which is much more valuable than gold thus raising the price of the item.

There are many more factors that come into play when you are trying to sell gold. Rest assured though that a good gold dealer will be able to give you a good price on your items.