Selling Gold Jewelry For Cash Made Easy

In the past, only the very rich possessed gold. Today, almost every owns at least a few gold pieces. Although gold has value, which increases during recessionary times, try to use it as cash and you run into difficulty. And so, people strapped for cash rummage around digging up never worn gold pieces with the thought of selling gold jewelry for cash. Not a bad idea, however when selling gold, a little research goes a long way. Before taking your jewelry to a gold dealer, have it appraised by a jeweler because gold dealers buy the gold and do not consider the jewelry as art. A jeweler can tell you whether your piece is of value beyond the gold it contains.

Once you know your gold pieces have value only because of the gold they contain, consider the quantity of gold found in each piece. Jewelry never contains pure gold, but is mixed with other alloys such as silver, copper or zinc. Again, gold dealers pay only for the gold found in jewelry. The quantity of gold found in a piece is measured in karats, 10 karat having the least amount of gold, 14k, 18k and 24k. When you know the approximate value of your gold, shop around for the best price. Money For Old Jewelry, an online gold dealer, guarantees a price ten percent higher than any written offer from other online gold buyers.

Money For Old Jewelry makes selling your unwanted gold a quick and simple process. You fill out and submit an online form, then they email, at no cost to you, a FedEx shipping label. Next, you go to the nearest FedEx location where FedEx supplies you with a 2″ plastic pouch, in which to place your jewelry. Place the mailing label on the pouch and FedEx does the rest. Money For Old Jewelry could not have made the task of sending your gold for an estimate any faster or easier.

When your gold arrives at Money For Old Jewelry, the latest x-ray technology analyzes it, and the precise percentage of gold is known. Within hours, you receive an offer by email. If you decide not to accept the offer, they return your gold at no cost to you. On the other hand, if you accept the offer, they send payment the same day they received shipment. When you deliver your jewelry to a FedEx location near you, expect money to be in your hands within 24 hours.

The condition of your jewelry is inconsequential because it will become scrap gold. In addition to gold, Money For Old Jewelry purchases platinum and silver. When selling gold jewelry for cash, if you choose to deal with this first-rate organization, you will appreciate the difference.  No need to wait several days for a kit to arrive. Additionally, the x-ray technology used takes the guesswork out of gold content. Most importantly, the quick turn around time ensures you receive your needed cash fast. Respectful of your privacy, no one will ever know of your business dealings. If you need money, consider turning spare assets into hard cash.