Selling Old Jewelry For The Best Price

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You just need to fill a simple online form when selling old jewelry to instead of waiting five to ten days to receive the kit mailed by other internet gold buyers. You can receive an offer for your gold jewelry within hours of the company receiving your shipment. In case you are not happy with the offer or decide against selling old jewelry, your gold jewelry will be returned to you at no charge. Since the company analyzes all the shipment it receives using the latest x-ray technology, there is no scope for error in determining the exact percentage of gold or platinum in your old jewelry.

This in turn helps in assessing the correct value of your jewelry and takes away the guesswork associated with valuing old jewelry based on the marked carat weight, as followed by other internet gold buyers. Moreover, the founder of has been in this line of business for the last forty years and ensures that the company makes legitimate offers to its customers. To add to it, the company lays special emphasis on protecting the privacy of its customers and does not provide any information pertaining to them to any other party.

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