Interested In Selling Gold Jewerely For Cash?

In today’s tight economy, many people are looking for some ways to make some extra money. There are dozens of ways to diversify one’s income. One of these ways is selling gold jewelry for cash. While many great ways exist to do this, there are two important things to remember. One, research and check out whatever place someone is considering selling gold. Two, make sure that the gold is authentic gold, as this will bring in the most money and make sure the gold is marketable.

Step One: Verify the Authenticity of the Gold

Before going to sell the gold, make sure it is actually gold. There are several ways to do this, and each type of gold needs to be assessed differently.  Usually, one can verify the authenticity of jewelry at a local retail shop that specializes in gold.

Gold coins should be taken to a coin buyer, who can weigh them to verify authenticity of each coin by weighing them.

There are other ways that gold can be tested, and each one should be done according to the type of gold it is. While some tests can be done at home, it is advisable to get gold looked at by the experts.

Step Two: Deciding To Sell

If someone is considering selling the gold, they might take a few days to consider it and make sure it is what they want to do. Once they have decided that this is the step that they would like to take, it is time to decide who to sell it to.

There are many locations where someone can sell gold at, and there are multiple choices of what to do with the gold. One could easily sell gold online, to a local business owner or through a pawn shop.

Local business owners and pawn shops are nice because they can sometimes provide one with cash the same day and will be able to evaluate one’s gold in person. The problem is that not all of these may be able to provide the best upfront fee because they may be selling it to someone else.

An online website is a great option to sell to. Often, it cuts out the middleman and provides a good service to the consumer. Make sure that the website that is being chosen is authentic and verifiable. Look for testimonials of previous clients and other things that verify that the website is authentic that the website has to say they’re the best.

Step three: Sell it!

If someone has decided that they’re no longer interested in their old jewelry it is time to sell the jewelry, it is time to get offers. Each website has unique, identifying ways to send the gold in for cash. Many websites will ask for the gold to be sent in and then they will give you an offer. They will have to verify the authenticity and decide how much they are willing to pay for it. Then they will make you an offer.

Step for: Take the Money or Decline the Offer

Now that one has the offer, the next step is to either accept the offer or decline the offer. It’s entirely up to them.

Get Cash For Gold In A Smart Way

Anyone who is looking for an easy way to make a bit of extra money should consider trading cash for gold.  Most people have a relative who left them jewelry that never gets worn or items that were given to them during past relationships.  These useless items can be sold for some bonus cash.  This can be extremely helpful in times of a rough economy like that of today.  Here is a look at Money For Old Jewelry, one of the best internet places to participate in these transactions.

There are numerous places that a person can trade cash for gold.  Pawn shops have been used for decades, but no one likes the hassle.  Walking through the mall or watching infomercials on television, a person will be bombarded with places that promise to pay top dollar for old jewelry.  Oftentimes, these outlets are filled with tricks or will not pay as promised.  Other times, a person will walk away with a significantly smaller amount of money than the jewelry was actually worth.

To get the best cash value on old jewelry, a person should head to  This website includes one simple form that can be completed in minutes and submitted.  There are no unnecessary kits or complicated forms that are hard to understand.  After gold is received, a person will receive payment within 24 hours.  From the start, a free quote will be sent.  If a customer is not happy, the jewelry will be returned with no added fees.

Money For Old Jewelry takes advantage of x-ray technology that analyzes jewelry.  This gives a precise measurement of precious metal.  Other buyers simply consider the karat weight in the jewelry pieces.  This is why they pay lower amounts because of their added risk.  Our company is so committed to giving the best price that we will match any competitor’s quote given within the last 30 days by 10%.

We have professionals that have been in the business for years.  This expertise along with the goal of producing total customer satisfaction makes our company different and so worthwhile.  We also never share any private information with any third parties.

Our website is an excellent resource of happy customers who have found our transactions very beneficial.  We also display actual amounts paid to people for common pieces of jewelry.  We deal with gold or platinum metals that are in any condition.  We also deal with coins or bullion as well.

There is no reason that a person is not already looking through old jewelry boxes.  They may be filled with hidden treasures.  Trading cash for gold is an excellent way to acquire extra money.  Perhaps a person is saving for a new car or a nice vacation.  Maybe a person just got laid off from a job and needs to catch up on some important bills.  No matter the reason, this is an excellent and simple way to add some money to the pot.  There is nothing to lose, except some useless jewelry.

Reasons To Sell Jewelry For Extra Cash

An easy way to make some extra money is to sell jewelry for cash.  There are many options available to people looking to take advantage of this opportunity.  It is important to find the best place to turn to which will pay out the highest amounts and provide the best customer service possible.  Pawn shops have been the traditional place to trade jewelry for money.  There is also television infomercials and mall kiosks that promise a large sum for old jewelry.  However, Money For Old Jewelry is the site to explore when a person wants the best deal.

Getting some extra cash may make it easier to pay off lingering bills, take a nice vacation, or even a dream car.  Every woman has some jewelry that she never wears or no longer fits.  This is the chance to turn trash to cash.  Instead of letting the pieces collect dust, it is smart to sell jewelry for money.

Sometimes people get frustrated because the process includes needless paperwork and confusing kits that take weeks to arrive before the transaction can be processed.  Not with  There is one easy form to complete that is available on the website.  At that point a person can print a free FedEx address label and attach it to a free envelop that can be found at a specified nearby FedEx location.  The package can be tracked at any time as well.  Immediately upon receipt, the customer will receive an email confirmation and quote.  If this amount is not satisfactory, the jewelry will be returned at no extra charge.  If the terms are acceptable, the customer will receive wired funds in a 24 hour window.  There is no risk involved.

A person is assured the best deal because our site matches and beats any other written quote from the competition within the last 30 days.  Also, Money For Old Jewelry uses the best technology with x-rays to determine the amount for precious metal in each jewelry piece.  Other outlets only estimate the amount of gold according to karat weight.

Our company runs with decades of experience and strives to keep  all customers satisfied.  We never share any private information given to us.  We also welcome testimonials that explain how useful and beneficial our services are to our customers.  Our website is filled with positive reviews and pictures of real jewelry pieces that we have bought for high dollar amounts.

There is no better place to sell jewelry than  We accept jewelry, old coins, as well as bullion.  There is no worry that the items must be in great shape, since we accept metal in all types of conditions.

There is no time like the present to start earning some extra cash.  As the economy continues to get worse, there is no easier way to alleviate some of the problems than selling old jewelry.   When a person decides to sell jewelry for money, they are turning trash into treasure that can be used for better things.

Learn How To Sell Old Jewelry For Cash Easily And Quickly

By now, you have probably seen all the commercials and advertisements for selling your gold jewelry for cash. While it seems like a great idea and a risk free way to get extra money, you may find yourself wondering how to sell old jewelry. While there are a number of different ways such as pawn shops, estate sales, jeweler’s markets and other venues, the easiest way is by using With a best price guarantee, a free, no risk or obligation purchase offer, forty years in experience of reclaiming metals, state of the art technology and twenty four hour turn around payment time, is the smart way to sell old jewelry.

With our service, selling your unwanted jewelry is easy and hassle free.  Simply visit our website and fill out and submit the online form, print out our mailing label, package your jewelry and send it in. No hassles, no waiting for a mail in kit, just quick service you can customize by selecting your payment options.

Once your jewelry is received, out experts will analyze your jewelry. Some gold buyers use the karat weights indicated on your jewelry to estimate how much precious metal you have and base their purchase price on that estimate. When you use, your jewelry is examined using cutting edge x ray technology to determine the exact precious metal content of your jewelry so you get the fairest price. Additionally, if you are given a written purchase offer for more than what paid, we will beat that offer by ten percent. Shipping your jewelry to us costs you nothing and all of our mailings are insured up to five thousand dollars making it safe to business by mail. If you decide to accept the purchase offer, you can have your money transferred instantly through a wire transfer, made out to you via a cashier’s check or directed to your favorite charity, whichever method you prefer, your money will be available within twenty four hours after you accept the purchase offer.

Selling your old gold for cash is a smart way to get extra money without the expenses and hassles of payday lending or using credit cards to stretch your budget. If you find yourself in need of extra cash or just with unwanted, unworn, unused gold and platinum jewelry, turn it into cash by selling it to the industry leaders,

With our cutting edge x ray technology, best price guarantee, quick service and no risk offer, you have no reason not to find out what your scrap gold is worth. Get started today by filling out and submitting the online form, printing the mailing label and shipping out your jewelry. Once you see how much your unwanted gold is worth, you will understand why so many people sell their jewelry for cash. Now that you know how to sell old jewelry, let turn your gold into cash you can use with service, reliability and expertise you can trust and rely on.