Tips On How To Sell Old Jewelry

Many people would like to know how to sell old jewelry. If you have some pieces of jewelry you have had for a long time, which you no longer need, you will be interested to know that there are ways of earning some cash from them. There is no need to keep a boxful of trinkets you do not need while there are people who can give you cash for them. Finding the right jeweler will rid of the clutter in your room and earn you some money in the process.

Before selling your trinkets, ensure that they are genuine items. You should not walk around pawnshops trying to sell common metal as gold, for example. If you had never authenticated your valuables, you should think about doing it before the sale. You should only use reputable companies that will give you top dollar for your valuables.

Look for a jeweler who will pay you promptly. Some local companies have been known to hold onto jewels with the hope of settling the accounts after selling the pieces. However, this is not good from a customer’s point of view. Once your pieces have been validated as genuine, you should get your money within a day or so.

Some jewelers are also known to have long and complicated bureaucracy for customers. When you deal with them, they will send you pages of information to fill, and you will only receive this kit several days after contacting them. Selling a piece of jewelry should not be that complicated, you should be able to sell your belongings just by filing out a simple form, or something like that.

If it is gold you are selling, you should be very careful on how its quality is determined. Chances are high that you are a novice on the issue, and you do not know all the processes involved in determining gold quality. Some jewelers might try to take advantage of your ignorance and swindle you. Thus, you should look for a company that is transparent on its method of gold analysis.

If you are not taking your gold to the jeweler in person, you should get a guarantee from the shop that your piece will be returned in case you are not happy with the offer. You are the one selling the items, and there should be no risk to your participation in the sale. In fact, you should not be charged even a single cent for rejecting an offer.

All these are considerations on how to sell old jewelry are things you can get from experienced dealers. If you are dealing with a newbie in the business, chances are high that by the time you conclude the sale, you will be frustrated and unhappy. However, an experienced company will even respect your privacy and will not divulge your personal details to third parties unconnected with the sale. If your piece is an antique, you should have it appraised first. That way, you can get more money from the sale than the exact value of the precious metal in it.