The Best Way To Sell Your Old Gold!

As spot prices for gold and precious metals go up, many individuals are trading in their  old, unused gold jewelry and gold items for cash. Don’t let your old jewelry pieces go to waste in an old drawer! Global economic uncertainty has paved the way for record setting gold prices, there has not been a better time to sell gold!

Our company provides the simplest, safest and fastest way to trade in your old gold pieces. We pay for shipping, packaging, processing and even return shipping if you decide not to sell your gold after receiving an offer. There is absolutely no cost to you for the appraisal and the process is completely risk free. We have tailored our services to individual, private gold sellers and provide fair market value for your gold.

How does your company provide this service?
We understand that your jewelry means something to you. Selling it is not easy to we have made the process as easy and painless as possible. We do not use inconvenient ‘gold kits,’ instead we email a FedEx shipping label to your email. You can bring your personal jewelry to any Federal Express shipping site (we will also provide the nearest locations to you) and safely package your jewelry using a pre-paid label. Once satisfied with the packaging, FedEx takes care of the rest! Once at our facility we will provide a fair quote for your gold, if you choose to accept we will send payment within 24 hours, if you choose to decline we will send your jewelry safely back, all at no cost to you!

Why should I sell my old gold jewelry?
Gold prices have grown aggressively over the past few years. Due to financial turmoil, investors and traders are turning away from currencies and investing in Gold. Due to the demand,markets have priced gold at all-time highs, and this is where individuals come in. You can sell your jewelry and receive cash based on the gold content of your old jewelry pieces. We provide payment within 24 hours if you choose to sell your gold to us!

Why should I choose your company over any of your other competitors?
Speed, Value and Reliability. Our company uses the latest in X-ray technology to accurately determine the gold content in your jewelry. This allows us to provide a fair valuation very quickly. Using our X-ray valuation process, there is no guesswork involved when pricing your jewelry, so you can rest assured you are receiving a fair price for your gold. We even offer a 10% premium over a competing internet-based gold buyers if you manage to find a higher quote than us! Rest assured your jewelry is in good hands, we treat your precious jewelry with the utmost care in our facility.

Are there any other benefits with going with your company?
Beside offering the fastest service, accurate valuations and a no-risk shipping process we offer a 10% premium over any internet-based gold buyer price. That means if you get a higher quote for your jewelry within 30 days of our valuation, we will buy your jewelry at their price AND offer a 10% premium on that price. We’re so confident that we can give you the best price for your jewelry we are offering 10% more money if you are able to find a more competitive quote!