Turn Old Jewelry Into Money With Cash For Gold

Lots of people are looking for ways to make extra cash, and selling your old gold is a great way to get money quickly. Whether you have jewelry that no longer fits, has become outdated or is not worn for any other reason, cash for gold can turn that jewelry into cold, hard cash in twenty four hours. Unlike some other gold buyers who require you to order a kit that can take up to five days to arrive at your home by mail, fill out paperwork, package and mail in your jewelry and then wait several more days for your money, cash for gold has almost instant turn around and can have money in your account within twenty four hours of starting the application. The online, easy to use application will walk you through the gold selling process and will give our experts all the information they need to assess your jewelry. The application also allows you to determine how you receive the money and gives you control of the selling process. Quick cash with no kits or hassles is just one of the many reasons we have so many satisfied sellers.

Another reason we are the leader of choice is because of the advanced technology we utilize to determine the worth of your gold. Some companies use the marked karat weight to estimate the amount of gold in your jewelry and use that estimate to make a purchase offer. At cash for gold, we use state of the art x ray technology that allows precise analysis of the exact amount of gold or platinum your jewelry so the purchase price you are offered is based on the amount of gold or platinum you have, not just an arbitrary guess.

In addition to our quick payment and precise buying procedures, we have been in business for over forty years and have experience you can trust. There is never a risk in doing business with us. If you do not want to accept the purchase offer, simply decline our offer and your jewelry will be promptly returned to you with no additional shipping or services charges. To make sure we always make the best offer, we will beat any other written offer given to you in the last thirty days by ten percent. We will never sell your information and your privacy is always guaranteed when selling gold to us.

There are so many reasons extra cash is needed, and no matter what the reason you can turn gold into cash to cover your expenses. Whether it is a dream vacation, a once in a lifetime experience, season tickets for your favorite sports team, medical expenses, car repairs or a fun shopping spree you need to fund, consider selling your unused and unworn gold for cash. With quick service and no risks, the only thing you have to gain is cold, hard cash. Visit the website today to see how quickly you can turn your gold into cash and enjoy the benefits of doing business with the gold buying industry leader.