Turn Unwanted Jewelry Into Cash

Getting cash for unwanted jewelry is very easy to do. After filling out a simple form and a quick trip to FedEx, money will be received quickly. There are a variety of reasons why selling jewelry makes sense to do. Gold prices are near all-time historic highs in value. Damaged jewelry is expensive to repair. Pieces that are out of style shouldn’t be left in a box to collect dust. A price guarantee ensures that the most money possible is received when selling to Money for Old Jewelry.

The process to sell jewelry is fast and simple. All it takes is filling out a short form online that provides a shipping address and payment option. A price quote can be delivered, or an option can be selected to receive the money from the sale as fast as possible. Payment will be made in the form of a wire transfer or certified check delivered through FedEx. After the form is complete a mailing label will be generated. Bring the jewelry to be sold and the label to a FedEx location and they handle the rest. There is no shipping charge to the seller.

Gold prices are at the highest level since the early 1980’s. Jewelry purchase several years ago can be worth significantly more money now. People that do not pay attention to gold prices are often shocked at how much their jewelry is actually worth. Once they know, many people would rather have the jewelry’s cash value.

Damaged jewelry is expensive to repair. Many people have broken or damaged jewelry that has been sitting around for a long time. Finding a jeweler to do a repair is a difficult and time consuming process. Instead of letting the task loom overhead, selling the jewelry quickly eliminates the problem. Receiving money is always preferred to having to spend it.

Jewelry can go out of style or personal preferences can change. No one wants to go out wearing jewelry that is now considered tacky or unsightly. Jewelry is supposed to enhance a person’s appearance. When jewelry no longer accomplishes what it was designed to do, it is time to get rid of it instead of hiding it away forever. Selling unfashionable jewelry will provide money to buy pieces that will actually be worn in public.

Jewelry should not be sold to the first business that offers to buy gold jewelry. Just because a piece of jewelry needs to be sold, does not mean it should be sold for a low price. A business that does not offer a price guarantee should not even be considered. Getting a price guarantee means that the best price is being received. A 10% price guarantee would mean the company will pay out 110% of the offer made by a competing jewelry buyer.

There is no reason to keep unwanted jewelry around when it can quickly be turned into money. Getting the money that is tied up in the value of jewelry makes people feel great. By selling jewelry, that money can be used for something that is more important or desirable.