When You Need Cash, Sell Jewelry And Get Money Right Away

If you have an unexpected expense crop up or are presented with an amazing opportunity or experience but are short on cash, you can sell jewelry to precious metal reclamation specialist to get cash instantly. When you sell jewelry you no longer like, wear or want, you not only clear out space, you can get cold, hard cash that you can use for whatever you want. Selling your jewelry is a smart, quick and hassle free way to get cash when you sell your old gold to moneyforoldjewelry.com. With over forty years in precious metal reclamation, the experts at moneyforoldjewelry.com have the knowledge, experience and expertise to guarantee you get the best service and price for your gold. With thousands of satisfied customers, moneyforoldjewelry.com is the gold standard for gold buyers industry wide.

With many companies, it can take several days if not weeks to complete the jewelry selling process. First, you must request a kit by mail, wait for it to arrive, fill it out and mail it back with your jewelry, wait for an offer and if accepted, wait for your money. When you are in a cash flow crunch, time is of the essence and this process simply will not work. The experts and innovators at moneyforoldjewelry.com have streamlined this process to make it possible for you to get your money within twenty four hours of receiving your jewelry. Simply log onto the moneyforoldjewelry.com website and fill out the application and submit in online. Next, print out the pre paid shipping label and mail in your gold. Once it arrives to our facility, the staff will analyze your jewelry using advanced technology that precisely measures the gold content of your jewelry and gives you a price based on that analysis. Many other companies simply use the karat marker in the jewelery to estimate the content and may pay you for less gold than you sell. Be sure you get the most accurate appraisal for your gold by trusting your sell to the experts at moneyforoldjewelry.com.

Once you have decided to accept the purchase offer, you can get your money via wire transfer, cashier’s check or donated directly to the charity of your choice within twenty four hours of accepting the purchase offer. If you decide to decline the purchase order, your jewelry will be shipped back to you promptly with no shipping charges or handling fees assessed to you.

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