Why Use Us

  • With Money for Old Jewelry.com you can receive your money within 24 hours from RIGHT NOW. Click here to proceed.
  • No kits or packages to deal with. Don’t wait three to five business days (yes, it takes at least that long and can take up to two weeks) to receive a “kit” full of forms and instructions. You provide all the information we need when you fill out this simple form.
  • We use the latest x-ray technology to analyze your gold which allows us to determine the precise percentage of gold or platinum in your jewelry. Most gold buyers use the marked karat weight of your gold and then estimate the amount of gold in your jewelry. This means that they must pay less in order to compensate for the risk associated with their guesswork.
  • There is NO RISK to you. If you request it, we will email an offer for your gold within hours of receiving your shipment. If you choose not to sell, your gold will be returned to you at no charge.
  • We pay more. If you have received a written offer from another internet gold buyer within the last thirty days, we will beat their offer by 10%. Click here for details.
  • Our founder has been in the business of reclaiming metals for over forty years.
  • We protect your privacy. We do not provide any information about you to anyone. There are no exceptions.